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We are very proud to announce our 2016 Edward Bulwer-Lytton award winner
Aša (Whitney) Ricciardi for her outstanding short story A Marzipan MoonAša was our First Place winner for the 2015 Anagram Short Story Contest.  Congratulations and superb job, Aša!  All the very best in your writing endeavors!

Please support one of our own Black Ink Contests editors by contributing to her Indiegogo Campaign in support of her newest indie film, A Murder Party.

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Contest Opens:         Monday August 1, 2016 
Contest Closes:        Wednesday August 31, 2016
Entry Fee:                  NADA
Genre:                        OPEN

First Place       $25.00 Cash Prize
Second Place $15.00 Cash Prize
Third Place      $10.00 Cash Prize

There may also be one or more winner selected for the Editor's Choice Award and one or more winner may be selected as an Honorable Mention

All first place winners are eligible to win the annual Edward Bulwer-Lytton Award,
awarded in May of each year.


AUGUST POETRY                                              



Contestants will be challenged with DEFENDING SUMMER'S LEAVE

Why does Summer leave every year?  Even in our sunniest states, summer has a wax and wane period....why?

For this contest, you'll be asked to submit a poem that best defends WHY summer leaves each year to be replaced with automal days and nights.  Why can't summer stay forever?  Where does she go?  Why does she bother to come back?

Word count is 300 words or less.

Total creative freedom! Submit your genius - contest opens on Monday August 1, 2016                       




Poetry Word Count should not exceed 300 mwords.  This word count will not include your name, title of the story, or any other information requested by the contest (such as home address, phone number, etc.)

Words Counts slightly under 300 will be considered; anything over 300 will be disqualified

Poetry should be copied and pasted directly into email

Absolutely NO attachments will be opened or considered.  Entry's with attachments are immediately disqualified

You must have a valid PayPal account to receive your prize winnings. There will be no exceptions made, and your title and prize(s) may be forfeited if you do not have a valid PayPal account for payment.


Author information should be at the very end of the story.  Author information should include:



Your entry must be original, in English, unpublished

Black Ink Contests retains nonexclusive publication rights to all winning entries

If selected, your work may be subject to minor editing

By submitting to Black Ink Contests, you are agreeing to be placed on our mailing list.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but you must withdraw your story immediately if it is accepted elsewhere. If you withdraw your submission, the entry fee is not returned.

This contest does not accept children's stories

International submissions in English are welcome

Close friends and family of the finalist judges, Connie Irons and Angeline Walsh, are not eligible to compete. Black Ink Contests is committed to maintaining the integrity of all online contest rules and guidelines.  Judges will recuse themselves from considering any manuscript if they recognize the author. In the event of recusal, a manuscript previously assigned as a semifinalist by the editor of Black Ink Contests will be submitted to an impartial third party for judging

The best way to understand the work we publish is to read a Recent Winner or peruse the Archives

It should go without saying, but any manuscript found to be plagiarized will be immediately disqualified

What is the Edward Bulwer-Lytton Award?

The Edward Bulwer-Lytton Award is awarded to literary artists that best exemplify originality, creative writing skill and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. It is an award dedicated to Creative Fiction authors. It is not a physical award, but rather a certificate of recognition.

Receiving this kind of literary award will greatly impact your author bio as you move forward in your writing career.


Connie Irons supports a creative writing blog, Fictional Black Ink, and has published non-fiction journalistic pieces for The Examiner as well as fiction articles for several magazines. Her latest endeavors include two separate novels, both of which are nearing the final stages of production.

Angeline Walsh is a writer and filmmaker.  Her first film, "21st Century Spectacle", won Best First Feature at the L-Dub Film Festival.  Her new film, "A Murder Party" is currently in production.  See the rest of her work at ANGELINE PRODUCTIONS.


You'll have to trust me on this, but Kitty's color is a rusted patchwork of soft, autumnal fur

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