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2016 august poetry contest | THIRD PLACE WINNER 

by Enola G. Smith Mosely 


Dedicated to Lucille, my Mom - Keeping my promise

In delicate hands, clasped tightly, she holds a lucent ball.

Life lingers patiently within it; it has since her fall.

Zephyrus, the favorable, the one who loves her so,

Comes each year just for her cheer, refusing to let her go.

Never can she look at him; their decree stated clearly.

Never will she look at him; they take her sight yearly.


Choosing one, infuriated the others;

Hatred existed between the windy brothers.


As lovers do who are true, they make a vow to meet.

When spring is swept away, Praise the day! her lover does she greet.

With gentle fingers Zephyrus caresses his lover’s face.

Head down she looks around feeling his strong embrace.

Suddenly, the ball is filled with light, and now her eyes are glowing.

No longer blinded by the love she bears, both intertwine with knowing.


The grass, the trees, the honey bees, the ponds, the meadows, the dales--

Everything overflows again, for centuries it has not failed.

When lover meets beloved the earth awakens and gives up its very best,

And Summer becomes the precious babe that hatches in its nest.

For a season they are together again, the wind and his rightful mate,

But as stars fall to their end withal, so too their saddened fate.


Notus, late summer’s fawn, demands his time to de-leaf,

Thus separating the two again, taking delight in their grief.

Zephyrus withdraws obediently not willing to expand her curse,

Whispering as he blows away, “You are my last, my everything, my first.”

Now, Eurus, the eastward breeze, jilted, a torrent blaze of hate

Changes autumn into winter and takes delight in their fate.

As Boreas brings the rainy spring, so Zephyrus the summer season.

But what makes him find his lover blind? Love is always the reason.                                                          


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