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2016 august poetry contest | SECOND PLACE WINNER 

by Laura Rose Cardona


Summer’s a lover

Gone enter you life

Flipped your world upside down

Changed your whole entire strife


Summer’s a lover

Went and changed your eyes

Spun you round and round and round

Till you forgot all of winter’s lies


Summer’s a lover

Gave you a brand new sight

Shrunk your ego and opened your heart

To her warm and twisted delights


Summer’s a lover

That shared her futile embrace

Made you think that there’s no pain in the world

When it was just hidden behind her distaste


Summer’s a lover

Made you discard all before

Fall, winter, and spring

Couldn’t hold a candle to her galore


Summer’s a lover

Who’s kiss danced on your lips

Kept that smile upbeat all night

Until every call from you she missed


Summer’s a lover

Who you just can’t find anymore

Searched the sky and the rolling waves

She didn’t even bother to close the door


Summer’s a lover

Who you wonder why she left

Things with her grew every day

But she just disappeared with your heart in theft


Summer’s a lover

That you will never understand

No matter how much you dwell and sob and miss

You’re never gonna get her hand


Summer’s a lover

She’ll just come and go

Appreciate her while she’s around

But don’t make any promises to grow


Summer’s a lover

Summer was your lover

Summer has a lot of lovers

Just fall to the next

Fall to the next

Fall to fall


Fall’s a lover.                                                                                             


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