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2016 august poetry contest | FIRST PLACE WINNER 

by Natalie Walker 


Editor's comments:  Ms. Walker is no stranger to Black Ink Contests.  Her short fiction piece, Stressed Desserts, won second place in the 2015 Anagram Short Fiction Contest, and she also received an Honorable Mention for her The Chorus of Bells submission in the 2015 Halloween Flash Fiction Contest.  I am impressed with this multi-talented artist, and am proud to announce her as our 1st Place Winner of the August Poetry contest.  Natalie did a fun job of weaving a short story into her poetic prose, giving it just the right twist to make one wonder if nature is, indeed, an emotional entity.  Ms. Walker is now also eligible to receive the 2017 Edward Bulwer-Lytton Award, which will be awarded to one Black Ink Contests literary artist that best exemplify originality, creative writing skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.  Congratulations again, Natalie!


Before the humans…

                           Before the animals…

                                                  Before the dinosaurs…

                                                                           Before the plants…

There was Winter.

After the cold…

                       After the ice…

                                              After the frost…

                                                                         After the solitude…

There was Summer.


The moment they met was love at first sight.

They danced until their spirits intertwined;

Bringing forth their children to the world,

Spring and Autumn.


Spring was a girl with daisies in her hair;

Autumn was a mischievous boy.

A deep jealously brewed within him,

For he knew his parents favored his sister.


Vowing to have revenge on Spring,

He turned the beloved green leaves,

She and her mother so cherished,

Into crumbly ashes the color of blood.


Winter wept when he saw his son’s destruction;

His tears turned to ice falling from the sky,

Thus creating the first snowfall.


The family was broken by Autumn’s betrayal,

And has been ever since.


Every year when his mother grows tired,

Autumn destroys Spring and Summer's creations.

And his father weeps.


Summer and Winter can never be together,

Because their children block them from connecting.


Now, instead of a harmonious family,

We have four lonely seasons.

Each striving to survive,

Apart from the others.










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