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2016 summer statues contest | THIRD PLACE WINNER 

by Tinashe Gweshe  


The reading of the will.

At New York (Lincoln supreme court.) The  Cases family members have arrived for the reading of will . There arched  Uncle Theodore  Rings  died  two years ago. Theodore Rings was a Billionaire . He  was worth 5, 6 Billion US dollars when  he died.  He left  all his money to his family. Who will get what ?  Partica Bellow is Theodore  second  lawyer.  Theodore  had three lawyers  .one  for  media  disaster , for family emergency  and  dirty  business. Grey  was he and pure to the eyes of the world.  Patricia said are all the members of Mr Theodore  Rings present  in this  Chambers . They all answered Yes.

 The Will

1) Theodore Rings  will shares my wealth as follows. To my first  James Rings give him my four hotels  in las Vegas worth  $16, 8 million US dollars. My lawyer  Partica Bellow we give  all the legal papers t sign . James  you must take good  care f  my hotels. Take  care of my 34 cars .
2) To my daughter Shirley Rngsn I will give you 1, 5 billion in my Gold caddy  at the world bank. Shirley will also have  my 73 percent of Open casino in Chicago. The Next f kin has always been you shiny . Take care of my 19 houses .(in los angles).
3) To my cols n brother Hunk/John Cases I give hm my K.F.C. in New York and two white yachts. My  K.F.C. is worst $500, 000. US dollars.
4) To Hunk wife Eve /Amanda Cases I will give her my Fashion shop . Blue Carpet fashion . I will also give the designer  wear York Fashion.Blue  Carpet is located at time quart Avenues . worst $10 million. 5) To my third out of  wed lock  son Lewis Rings I will give him 8 of my motor sale Companies in los angles .(L.A.) He never enjoyed my worth $60  million.
6) To James Knight  I will give her $100, 00us dollars. The cash is in my Manhattan apartments locket . Door number 104. Partica has  the pin and there $700, 000 on my black card.
7) to Jade I will give her $47 million  dollars  Restaurant. in New York. She will also get $500 million worth of  shares of 68 percent f OMega watches.  If she marries Jack Wonders . If she des not marry Jack she only get $100, 000 US  in government shares and stocks.
8) Before  she marries Jack wonder Bill Cases will be the  trusty . If Jade does not accept  the conditions Bill will take Alltel shares  of OMEga watches n Chicago.
9) To Bill Cases I will give Jim 3, 4 Billion US dollars in 78 percent  shares of Sony Ericsson in Boston .
10) Theredore  have to tell you that what the papers say s not true . My money in Business was not 5, 4 Billion  , but $6, 8 Billion US dollars .May all of you carry the  legacies.

After  the reading of will .The cases family left the Lincoln Court. Jade  of all people  was in a dilemma.  It had been almost 14 years  since  she last saw jack wonders.Jack Wonders was her first high School Boyfriend . After One year's Jack become this words. Pride , arrogant and Cheating .Jade moved on worth her life . Distance and time draw  them  feather  apart. Jack moved From New York to Las Vegas . "Sin City"  Weather he got better or worse nobody knows. About two months ago Jade got Gary Gold. Gray has been Jade man for three and half years. Gary is marketing Director for vudo shoes. Jade is working at  Tommy Hillfiger  at Till operator. Jade is Staying at 6 groomed apartment  in Manhattan elite . Her life  is not in bad. $120 , 000 salary . $191 , 000 is salary  fr her Boyfriend  .Jade Could  not stop thinking about millions she had been premised.

The  hard  Conditions  that had to be meet. How  can she do it ?. who could help her ? .At 1:00pm  Jade sad face is forever  happy person . It is similes were made for her only . There  not need to read anything when she  is sad face. Jade  is a forever happy person. There is no need to read anything when she is sad. Eliza what is problem ? I thought millions make you happy . That should have been the cases , but not all. Leona Oceans said what is case my Dear , oh please tell me ?  Well ladies every thing come with a price. I mean how can  I marry the worst dog on earth. Jack the Dog.
How did he get to your millions . Well My uncle Theodore  was good Friends with Jack  Keith Wonders. Keith  Wonders is good man Uaxk to used  to be so. So what are you going to do ? I don't know .Leona said  I have  two friends who are lawyers maybe  there something .How about  a fake  wedding ? said Eliza. I mean at the End you share half and half.

That maybe the problem the dog was very much in love with me. Said  Jade  Where  is the dog ?  I have no idea   last I heard he was in las Vegas.  Who  told  you that  said Eliz. It must his father Keith Wonders . We  had a business mete ng between Tommy Hilfiger  and his company  Denim jeans.  My Boss Tonny Ellen sad shipped it or shift out My Boss. Serious .Then how  dis he know you?  Well you know me  and Dog we more than lovers. Sound like you still want him. Said Leona. Whiney No. ready lips Capital O.  Life oh yeah babe. said Eliz  oh girls stop stop it Now lunch was over.
Jade arrived at her 6 room apartment  with a sad face  . Her boyfriend Gary Gold was already there. Like accustomed  Gary had Cookery dinner . Rice Cookies with  Mushrooms soup, oranges  drink and Fruit salad..  Hey ba e I did not notice that you had come back. I thought you should be celebrating.  What are you talking about  ?  The millions did Theodore close the door on you r what ?  No the sounds like a funeral . Who died ?  Nobody dear .  The millions have hard conditions for me to have them. Give me dinner ,I rather eat first. four minutes of silence  and food  the  going down.
Gray had to break the silence .Hey sexy  what were you saying about the millions ?  Okay I will let  you in on it. Theodore Rings said . I will inherit $4, 7 million dollars. I I will also have to 68 percent shares of Omega watches worth  $500, 000.

Oh stop babe this sounds great .Wait here is the best part. What sexy !  I have  to  marry Jack wonders. Who. is he ? My high school boyfriend. Are you talking about the joke ?

yeah that very one . I can not believe it . Why would anyone think that you would date and late along marry him ? Why not find this guy and share Tue money.You know what Eliz was also saying something like that. I think IT is not worth  it. I mean soon my salary will increase.  Yeah bane I love u and our money is good.  I am looking forward to a white wedding and  five kids. How can we afford all those kids ? When I become the C.E.O.  What ? what did you say ?

Chapter 2

Gray Gold is about to get gold. From marketing g director. Next tenth he take a course in Business ownership.  If he pass and internship he will become  the C.E.O. Chairman Executive owner. Jade has also been looking for a P.I. (Private Investigator .) She found the man by the name Braid Toddler . He has been in the business for Tue past three and half years.She found him on a web called  friend in the past .com.Now she know  her problem is almost over. The name is Jack Wonders the man I  question.  Jack moved from New York to Las Vegas  for his university studies. Time past Jack got married to  Lorra Wonders. With money and good marriage life took off like a rocket. After three years Lorra began to show her true colours. The had a child called Alain /Nixon Wonders.Jack stays in the 26 groomed mansion. For over the past 13 months   jack have no love from his wife.  There heading for divorce.

Eliz  is talking to Leona in the office . Did you see that ?  What  Leona replied  .Miss smiles is life again. She is so happy. It must be the millions.

There always make me smile. No girl , she way on cloud 11 the got to be something going on. At 3:35pm Leona Rene vest a call from Mr Toddler . Mr Toddler to Leona that he got wonder address and will meet him in four days time.  Saturday will be the day.At 5., 30 pm Leona and Eliz say goodbye  to jade. Jade Jumps into a taxi. She begins to next to Gray. It is almost  over. Deal is going to work . P.S. Do not cook dinner . we are going out.

At 8, 44pm .at Mc Donald's.

Gray Gold is talking to jade . So if you meet him then what ? I will five him the proposal ans we share  half of the worth.Besides if that does not work there still  $500, 000 in government stocks and bonds.
Why did you not tell me that before ? I thought we had lost it all.  I think Jack will say no. He thinks of a real marriage.  That dear comes across my mind. I mean I was his first love. We'll not anymore .
you are my angle not matter  what ?

It is true I do love you Gray and money is not love to me.  I mean you that. I have all told you f you did 'nt work for it --- (interjection ).

it comes with  price of you of can't get it . That right babe . Now you sounds like Elvis . Of course my dear Elvis  was my brother in law. Now you kidding right .  Not exactly . What do you mean Boo (honey) ?

Remember my Aunt Merry  RIngs  who died 20 years  ago. Yeah . She had a son  with Elvis . You don't  say the  Elvis Presely . Yes the  Elvis Presely . He called  Junior Presely .still alive  uptoday.oh last I heard that he was staying in New Orleans.  After  apartment  . In Gary  Escalde .  Four days later  Mr Toldder told   jade   that he mate and spoke to Jack Wonders.

Jack wonders was going to lunch with  Jade and Partica Bellow .  Tuesday was going the day. Jade could  hardly wait fr  Tuesday to come . Jack was still hoping   to meet and see his high school girlfriend.  After 13 months  living with a monster and trying  to get out . It looked like love and freedom had finally found him. Gary had fear to loose one and only girl. Something about the millions put him into a dilemma. Can  the high horse of love stand this ?

Chapter 2 | part 2

Palace Restaurant
The past comes to life. Jack Wonders meets high school girl friend . Is n't this a Dream come true first love . Jade  was wondering if  Jack  had changed ? when the meet the start with a small talk , Hello.  Where are you staying. ? I moved to the suburbs of Manhattan elite. I mean  me and my family. 

What are you not the bachelor of the decated ?  No . Yeah what  about  you  ? I am That stop you Boyfriend  addiction .  That is funny.  There she is . Who if I may ask ? Partica the lawyer and see is the reason why we are here. Welcome  Partica  this my friend who I was talking about .

7) To Jade Case I will give her $4, 7 million dollar restaurant in New York . Feel and eat restaurant . She will also  get 500 million worth shares of 68 percent . Omega watched in Chicago . She will only get this if  she marry Jack wonders. If does not marry Jack she only gets $ 500, 000 dollars  in stocks and government  bands . Wall  streets account.

What ? said Jack . Me marry you come on. Never I mean i am  married  who 's idea was this .
Be cool said Jade . Patricia here will explain everything .  Yes Mr wonders slow down . I will explain . Theodore Rings was Jade 's uncle . Theodore was a friend with your father . Yes I remember . Why would think I should marry Jade ? (smile in his face).

Did  you father every say anything about this Jade.
Yes I recall 15 years ago when I was in high school. He said should marry  Jade. Was only 14 . I thought it  was  a joke. Jade said I remember  it was at your birthday party . Yes and Theodore was there was that a joke  said  jade. No Joke  people  like  to sign here and get married . At the same time there said  No-He'll No. Then should I call you a wedding  loaner . am just coming .Both you must  call your lawyer who know may you can get away with fake marriage.

My friends where thinks the same thing . Anywhere that can not work . am still married I jade  two months before divorce .  Said Jade  oh How  incredible . i am go to lawyer.

The first think  that come to here mind was her girlfriend . When Gray heard of this he said Honey  lets discuss this at home. Jade called her lawyer Jessica Franklin .Jessica  said of only the get a real marriage. There also lucky because marriage does not state the time for divorce . if Jack goes  with plan there  have  to keep married  for a list 6- 7 months.  That way the court can not  think it was on act. Gary said no to Jade. There Norway there going to get married . Jack is working with his lawyer to quicken with  his lawyer. Jack up for real wedding and marriage.  He wants to make it unknown . He want  Jade think there on the same team . Are there ?


Jack Wonders lawyers George English .Told him that he cloud do something in two weeks. That is if his wife agrees to speed up the process. Lorra Wonders said that sounds better . She can not spend one more day in the mansion. She is up for half custody of there  first child.   There first child Nixon wonders. Janet Knight is a prosecutor. Jade thought it would  be a good a idea to visit her house. Mom  is the word . There own  a 18 groomed house . For starts Gary   in luxury. Gary love a big houses.  The Dinner was excellent . The discussion brought nothing but arguments. Janet Said for  real marriage it all big trouble. There will send inspectors and P.I. Oh .oh  said Gary .Then you Hafez to do fake kisses who knows what mighty  happen. Do not push it sad Jade . There noway  I will let anyone take my beauty . That is right said Ben Knight.

Jade had a piece of mind for whole night. In the morning Jade got call from Max Takia. Max is friend to Jade. Max was out of state for the past  three weeks.  He is a risk taker.  Max run away from Marriage  .  He was had a divorce in a week. How he did it is story  that nobody know except  Jade.  When Jade heard his voice she knew she had found the answer.Max told her to meet in six hours. Gary was so surprised by the happiness in Jade eyes.

When  Jack thought of  $250 .million dollars .He saw the future. Never he had a sudden need for money like  this. it was going to a good investments  for his company.TECh  games worth $600, 000, .US dollars. The company  was going some page the past 7 months. Things are being to pick up , but the millions cloud  boost the business.  Jack was seating in his office  and drink coffee wearing his $7000 dollars suit. How  much  will  he spend no his next suit  ?

At lunch  Time 12:48.

Hugs and his began the conversation. Max had missed out a lot .He loves little gossip and Glamour .Ordinary guy with  an ex-factor .Soccer , good girls and even one night stands. This guy's has it all. This one my dear is a difficult case.Come on said Jade, are not the Devil's lawyer ? Honey in all truth am not a lawyer , but a law player. That is very true from you .

Do you London ? Not  at all. How about China ? Max I have no idea  were that is ?  You  as much as I do I have visited 13 counties only. Has he given into the idea  ? No.  . God , how do you know him ?
we was together in high school. I told you learning at expenses 've schools comes with a price. First make him give in. And then  what  ?  Then you call of the ingement with boyfriend. What ? Come on girl , it is suppose to be fake. You will also let in on the money .Marry the guy and go to Italy  for homey moon. Sounds real . Hello stay with me here. I Hagee the map for the hotel and you.  Do nt worry about the divorce . I know a god lawyer .Anything else ?  Yo can tell Jack I have a lawyer for him. You can also use that as an excuse to talk to him. Anything you may forget ?  Yes one more thing. Call him and talk to him in  private. How am I going to keep it up. I have not lied to my boyfriend in over three years.  Do not worry Eliz and I are professional liars.

I am so good  lie was my first word my father always says.  I believe will have covered a lot. I am getting g hungry.  Time to oder. yes babe. Do not say that my boyfriend will get jealous. Do not mean your future husband.  Stop you fool.  The future had just began and the past was gone. when Jade arrived time it was smiles over the place. Gary could not help but ask. It over. what are you talking about ?  The millions , I will get them , but you have to agree  to ?  Gary mother was a professional chef.  .Max my friend told me the solution. When Jade told Gary that he was going to Marry Jack wonders he went  crazy. Come on it is a joke. I have not even called the guy. The last time I remember that you said he was all for you and not the money. Come on stop speaking in lymarics. I know that you  were a high champion in that. No you mean international cHampion. Hello when  dis that happen ? Years ago I was 18. I am sad , angry with what you said.  I mean our future still looks great   I love you and money was never an issue. Besides you still get the a half a millon in Bonds .  It must my obsession with money. You  will get your share and plead babe. I will think about there. Do not worry I could agree anything you say my love.

Morning  6:55 am

Jade is smiling , but with a small dilemma . The twin guys had not give in. First thing that come to mind was jack the wonder.  Hello dear Jack , how are you?  If this is about the millions I am not ready .NO . I remember you need a divorce lawyer . How can that happen fast ? Meet me in 24 hours at King hotel and restaurant  in Time square. it tea time  10:12  Jade is talking to Leona Oceans . Well girl I told you about the plan. What do you think ?  The plan sounds good , but it needs a little push. What kind ?  You need a professional pilot . Unknown a guy who can do magic ?   Why do I need a may c pilot ? To remove your name from a local fight after you cone back from Italy.  If you in court after you have divorce him .Then there ask you were did you husband sign his divorce papers.  I would say Italy .No the papers  are under united states of America.  Therefore you did nt divorce your husband and have to start again. Have you forgotten that my boyfriend is  a member of  Judicial restraint.  If can prove that  your divorce did not happen in Italy , there have n case.
I get it. Call your so called pilot tell him I am ready to play. The date  is not yet  made. okay I will call him during lunch.  Thanks girl. For a moment  she was  happy liked bride. She even sing in her mind.

Was it or calamity  ever after ?

Chapter 4

Kings Hotel and Restaurant
Jack wonders was so happy to final get Reed of his wife. Now smiles also were on his face . Jack does not smile that much more money  more problem. That is true . Most of the times he  sleeps at the private palace hotel. Lioness has becomes more then a part of hs life. His son is  always looking fr him. Daddy is never  there one  trip after another . Jade becomes first to arrives at the hotel. She had no idea that  Jack had slept over  the last night. Jack was dressed casual wear. There talk and eat at the dinner. Max the lawyer arrived 20minutes later.

Before  Max arrival jack dis not believe Jade. He also did not buy into  the deal.
Jade tried everything from the money sharing to real marriage She said I tell no lie , but  the truth. I will call off my ingement with Gary Gold. For millions I will do anything  .Have you forgot I love money . It sounds  god but  how can I be sure ?

I will call you on the day . Mr Jack Wonders my name is Max as you have heard. one of ky friends is  just like me. Divorce is his speciality.  It is need to get a divorce  fast and I may think about the deal. That is right here is the number of Thomas Chi-won.  Thanks your a worth friend just like jade said. You can Google him . I have to go and check a few thing inthe office. Is this your day off ?  No  .Everyone knows   i am coming  late.   I have to pick Nixon front school . Do not have people that do  work for you ? Yes . I do not what loose him. The all sad good bye. Back at the apartment Gary was saving dinner.

Let talk about the millions . I tried of the topic. Honey good news.  I talk to Jack and he did not agree. I got him a lawyer for his divorce. My -my  ready for a new husband so quick. You known as much as I do your the one. One in a billion.  What ever happened to one in  million ?  The world population is a lest 11 billion. Do the math. . I You know I have always been a A class student in Maths. I was never good like you babe. My father had to get me a private teacher for me to pass Grade. I am tied and ready to sleep . I had too much of a day at the hotel. Hey maybe next time I Wilma take your to a better place than that hotel..  Whatever ! Jade went to sleep pretty early that night.
In the morning she got a call from her parents. There were on short term break from work. There had a chance to  discuss about the issue.

Eve Cases does nit approve of Jade decision.Hunk Cases see no need for that much money.  Jade  and her boyfriend are going to joined by jade parents at dinner.  Both parents wanted half custody of Nixon.Two weeks passed and the case was over. Jade and Jack meet to Celebrate the victory. Thank Gd it is over. So what are you goin g to do ? Sell the house  , buy a new one. You need a new wife for the house. Bane your right.  you agree . Not yet .  have to buy the house. first. My business has been doing well. Have you seen Nixon , my son. Jade is thinking of a way t Push Gary out. She need to say the words that will do the trick.

Who to call than Max. She gave him ring. Max told her something light , but was worth.  She arrived home with a smile like always.  Honey let talk about the good times in past.  Oh ba e you know that os my favorite. Okay let being with date and sex.  You know that sex is out of the question. Okay date only.

I had 23 boyfriends when I was in College. No you lie. I thought you said 18. Well I had 15 girlfriends . I thought you sad 12.  Those I remember. The past has a funny way roof killing the present . Putting the future into exertion.

Well done bravo -bravo. You know  must take acting lessons.  Come on babe am kidding how canyon take that one seriously. it just that Wonders getting g his divorce .  i am sorry.

I am also to blame . Too far I took this like . Now can I have a kiss. No turn the radio.  I mat Havre this dance . Yeah babe. Music  and kiss. One this g lead to another and morning after.
jade is talking to Liz at work . Your Liz  mast  made him fall for the deal.  I know  you tried bt you need  to take  further bg step . What kind of a step you suggest ? Seeing Jack privately. No , I mean not yet. It sounds unfair.My dear can you not hear the millions  calling . Jade -Jade we love you . Nw you sound like the devil . Devil is in everyone. You just need to let  him out Honey I go to church every Sunday. Yeah and you still leave with your boyfriend.I have his ring. Is that so Biblical angle ?

No one is prefect  the bible says. Oh well I did know that you are Nw a pastor.  Girl if you  go to church  like a pastor you could be one. Anywhere please help me. Am still worried. Okay I moved n the wring line . I will help you church girl. May be heaven will open because of you. That is the sprite I will give you the date magazine's . I know you have been out of the game fr well. That s true. six years ago you are so right. My styles are beinging to fade.  Like jeans . Tea time is almost over ,let talk during lunch. Call Ralph Points .Why ?  He is a bad boy. This new .Lunch time come.  Ralph used to be a bad boy . When it comes to dating he ws the king. A professional  sad Eliz. .Jade was asking all kinds of questions. Do not  trust 100 what the magazine's says. Sometimes there theories from people who are A) not for lovers, B) looking for money. C) wring moves that never work.
So does that mean I should not read dating magazines ?  No dear . I am  saying  is you take 50 percent and leave 50 percent. That is what there say I  Africa. You have been to Africa ? I have stayed in Africa for at least 10 years. It has develop more than what you think. That is not a joke ladies. Here is my passport. Well do have photos  . Yes , but.most them are in Black and white. I few  good colour camera in Africa. Okay I get to clean the trouble  before you come.  You know us we are your friends whatever the case we never tell.

I do not trust  you  to clean the trouble before we come . You know us we are your friends. Whatever you have we won't tell ? I do not trust you Gossip looks likes your favourite picture.  I do not get it.  That is a metaphor.. This not England so do not worry yourself.
Yeah  with my guy sometimes I forget . On jade watt back home she called Jack. Hey Jack how  is the house  ?  What ?

You know saling the house m Okay I remember  I have only  10 buyers.  I know a couple who need a brand nee house. This couple are going to get married in  the near future. When ?  Jade and Jack wonders. Oh-Oh, no, no. You got me again.  Girl you need to stop. Are yu t old t say a joke . You are so funny . For a moment  you  rekindle me  of high school.  Almost smiled.
Why did not you not Finnish what you begin?  what ? Smiling remember . My son Nixon is watching me. I told him  future  mom. Ha , ha , ha.  I will  never a loser  like you . Oh you mean I'm too sexy  and good for you. You are inferior and you know it. Superior to all man kind in America dig-dg that your. halal  your.

Jack was so happy for more than moment . He forgot about the buyers. Jack so high school prom coming back to his  eyes. It was if he went back 12 years ago. Jade  is time queen.

The Queen arrived home with a happy face. Gray so something's strange , Jade with a datum g Magazine. He begin to ask questions , what is wrong with us ?  Nothing . Honey love is like fire  extra wood keeps the fire during . That is an old  African say .Hoe dd you know about Africa ? Honey I have been  there myself. Wait  a minute you  have visited 13 countries only. Yes including Zimbabwe which is an Africa a country. You never told me that before . Surprise -surprise  do not you am full of them .


The visit that Jade took to Africa made Gary Very suspicious .  She played well is about to win.Gary did not see it coming . When  Jade told Eliz about this was  so excited. That is girl you almost here. I feel so guilt  I can  stand it. I love to joke with my boyfriend.

I dont enjoy killing him. Look at the bright side the millions are coming. Inthe future you be a billionaire . big thing will happen. I do not think jack git it big , you know . Girl testis dirty come back to reality . Have heard that heaven s apace on earth.  Madonnaher name and millions  is your game.  well I did not  know that your were a rapper fr the 90. The 90made me. Yu have to stop before you become a demon. No Angles, No demon just human. That s a new say.forceps. bane. I hard Gucci has somethin new. There labels and designer wear.Jack called Jade and rethink love is I the air. Jade is still  playing hard to get she think g d something g to push Gary away.

Gary hired an P.I to watch Jade movements .Jade is getting fish . She has no idea . her phone is al being looked into . Eliz told Jade to sent a love .poem   to Jack.  Jade sent a message  in front f her boyfriend.  Gary said nothing and he even let Jade cook dinner. It was abit salty .  You know as much as I do that this is a bit Salty , but you said nothing. Honeymoon does not need comments , but adjustments here and there.  You are my angles cone here and let me catch those wings.  Never and never not tonight.In the morning Jade received a message from Jack. Gray read  it . this is what  it said. You are good friend . Am not your lover. This made Gray to smile. When jade comes back from shower.  Gary said message from your husband . I told you that he does not like me. I will never marry him. Gary di not believe it. he thought Jack and  Jade were playing.

Jade  was fine until she remember dinner.

Dinner was made by the chef herself Eve  Cases . has  never been to cooking school , but it was good.  Hunk cases always comments  Their a lot discussion and brought no hope.  In Gary mind it and his future.  Jade stop to think for a moment a nee plan that complete destroy  the ingement had to be done. cheats g maybe she  thought what could she do .? Leona Oceans is having a before  wedding party . There no boys  excerpt the Lasvegas boys. Jade and Eliz were invited to this bg party. Leona  Oceans is goin to get marred to Gift price. This is for real trust me said Leona . this is  her party marriage . She is 31 years old . According to her this is her first marriage.  Gift price is 38 year-old and he also having a party.   All the guys were invited including Gary the golden lover. That s what the guys call him . He had never cheat on his girlfriend . Jade or the ones  the past.
Jade did not see   it  and  she knew about it.  some one took a photo.  On this photo Ja  was kissing a stripper.  Hot was the guy and cold was the photo. snow was coming so Jade 's life. Time passed and the wedding  come  . about the  two months letter. it is Wednesday. The coupe had a custom to exchange phones.

Eliz knew the deals s sent the picture to Gary thorough Jade 's phone. 

Gary saw the picture at work. Margot mad and all hell to life.  he goto made he could not eat lunch.
He could no believe it .He called Daniel points.  Daniel is an excerpt in Relationships.  Daniel thought it must be a mistake. Maybe the pictures made n the computer.  He told him to ask her  before taking action. Gary crazy and many things come to mind.

Was this guy's  the jack or just bother guys. Gary meet him once there were at the lymaric competions.  There were friends for two  months also.   Distance brought ape them apart. In  all this years Gary has never seen jack . At 7:30 pm After dinner a Jade was watching her v favourite show  all My children.Gary decide to join her . . I mate on f the celeb from the all my children. Who? Did Martin. Where and bane please tell me. up close and personal. I have on my phone look there she is. What ?  were did you get this photo?  It from Eliz and you need to explain to me. Okay babe nothing happened. I got little drunk. That was small mistook . is that the so called Jack ?. No not all. Jack wsnot at the party and this are las Vegas boys.  Did you not say that he stays in  Las Vegas ?  Yeah but he not a sniper.  it high time you choose me ot this so called Jack.  jack s a millionaire. it nt fair to stop me to  have  male friends.

Okay teak your 16 thousand dllarng I do not need  it. Yes am moving out tomorrow . I will be pleased. One more thing do not follow me to  bed. Do not your not my husband.    So this was a  set up  ? Good night.  When the Mari g come silent could be feel in the lover apartment .  on her was to work she called Jack . for the first time Jack smiled for the whirl day. The work place become a third degree. Every was asking or comments . he.could not tell anyone excerpt Max. Max was on cloud11 when he heard the news.  Jade and Leona were celebrating. Gary was hurt and out f control. He moved from Gray gold to Gary wire. He smash his 56inch tv with a hammer. Gray could not stand it.. After breaking the tv. he went to his  best friend house.   Get some fresh air had things he heard missed the most .

Jade hired a big Truck to her   pick her things.  jack had already brought a Now house for days ago. it had 27 rooms. Big place for Jade Abandoned one the95 .Jade parents do  not have much. there stay in a 9 roomed house. There is so much space in jack palace there may never to see each there. Jade cook the super.  Jack said the mea was good . over the years jade  become better coke through Gary. The kick off by dancing in the bow room.   jack is the three time champion in Bow Rom dancing. jade is a two time contemporary . The music was low and the qualities were high. America dream .  My father sold three f his restaurants to for me to have a car.  It must have been hard for you hey. nothing to worry about honey. Now the millions like me. No the billionaire loves you.  No am not yet your girlfriend. Time passed it took  8 months and there bot said i love you. jack smiled day and night. Two weeks L.A.    there engaged.  Jade had not forget the plan  Italy. the wedding was amazing .White was the dress mad black was the taxido. Max  was there to lounge the Italian magic. Divorce papers with out knowing. When jade come back form the honey  moon she called Max. You have the divorce papers ?  Jade got $250 million from the court case. Gray is now dating Miss New York.  

That mystery brought the millions.


                                                                                                                                THE END

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